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Image Upload

Be sure to upload an image of your lost cat after registering. Your image will be shown on your cat's listing also be included in your printable Lost Cat poster.

Matching Cat Alert Emails

When registration is complete, matching found cat registrants will be emailed your cat's profile. You will also be able to view these matches on the website after registration is complete.

Facebook Ads

We can take out an ad for your lost cat to be shown to Facebook users in your Postal Code area. The ads will be shown to users who have an interest in cats in order to target the ad to people who are more likely to have taken in a lost cat and are more likely to share such ads with their friends.

Shelter Alerts

We will email and fax (when available) your Lost Cat poster to local animal shelters. Shelters will post the Lost Cat poster on their bulletin boards and know to be on the lookout for your lost cat.