Tabby Tracker Cat Tag - $13.00 (free shipping)

Stainless Steel Cat Tag

Our cat tags give the finder of a lost cat the best chance to find his owner. Even if you move or if your phone number changes Tabby Tracker will know how to contact you. The web site address and your cat's ID are clearly printed on the tag.

Tabby Tracker tags are made of Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel and are curved to match the curve of your pet's collar. Tags take 3-5 business days to be made and shipped from the time of the order.

ID# 123456
(adjustable "belt" collars)
ID# 123456
(adjustable "clasp" collars)


  • Mini - Fits 3/8" Collar
  • Small - Fits 5/8" Collar
  • Medium - Fits 3/4" Collar
  • Large - Fits 1" Collar

Tag Types

  • For Standard Collars - Slips on from end
  • For Adjustable, Plastic Clasp, Collars - Slides on in the middle


To order a Tabby Tracker tag you must first register your cat. If he is already registered, sign in and click the "buy cat tag" link on your cat's profile page to order.